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Aluminum skylights give your commercial building an element of style that stands out in any city skyline. They add exterior beauty and open up your interior spaces to natural light and a sky view. Aluminum skylights transform your building from ordinary to distinctive, but creating and installing your skylight is serious business. At Kensington Glass, our team of experts understands the specialized requirements for building a skylight that is beautiful and structurally sound.

  • Proper sloping, sealing, and other construction techniques for moisture control
  • Layers of tempered, laminated, or other specialty glass for impact resistance
  • Construction that complies with building codes
  • Tinted, insulated and Low-E coated glass to minimize sun and heat entry

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Aluminum Skylight Facts

How can I be sure that nothing will break through my skylight?

It makes sense to be concerned about having glass and aluminum skylights on your roof. We can’t eliminate the breakability factor completely, but we construct your skylight to withstand impacts. For your safety and security, we layer a combination of specialty glasses such as tempered glass for impact resistance and laminated glass for breakthrough protection.

Aluminum Skylights Offer Design Flexibility

When we create your skylight, it’s unique to your building and has the configuration you desire. We offer a wide range of glass and aluminum design options.

Our talented team works meticulously to design and construct glass and aluminum skylights to your specifications. We include the characteristics and design elements you prefer.

  • Big, bold skylights with multiple mullions
  • Round, Square, pyramid, hipped, or other formations
  • Color tints to add creativity
  • Muntins, mullions, patterns, trusses and other design elements

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