Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels are a cost effective method for refacing an older building

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At Kensington Glass, we understand that new construction or remodeled building exteriors can be an expensive undertaking. For new exteriors or when you want a drastic but economical change to existing ones,  aluminum composite panels are a flexible alternative. Car dealerships choose them for their buildings as they present a dramatic exterior look. When used as decorative siding, they transform your old building and make it look brand new. For compatibility with your design preferences, your panels may be painted with your choice of colors.

Aluminum composite panels have a wide variety of uses.

  • Weather Resistance
  • Signage or placement behind a sign
  • Quick and inexpensive finish for large areas
  • Efficient covering for building inconsistencies
  • Curved configurations for a “sphere” around a column or other object
  • Flat or gloss color options to coordinate with any design scheme
  • Composite panels for design flexibility and economy

Composite Panels – A Versatile Construction Material

Aluminum composite sheets are often referred to as “sandwich panels” because they are composed in a sandwich fashion. Manufacturers fuse a lightweight inner core between two sheets of aluminum. The inner core is usually 4 millimeters thick and made of low-density polyethylene or a similar lightweight material. The low weight makes aluminum composite panels an economical construction alternative as they require less structural support, they can be painted in a variety of colors, and they are highly adaptable to many circumstances.

  • Formed with a specified radius to cover columns or curved areas
  • Adaptable to flat or angled surfaces
  • Finishes are long-lasting and remain attractive

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