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A beautiful entryway improves the look and the feel of your business. Aluminum doors are the focal point of your new or remodeled storefront transformation. Your doors can be attractive, while sturdy and durable. They can be sleek, modern centerpieces that pull together all the elements of your new or remodeled storefront. As a stand-alone upgrade or replacement, your aluminum door modernizes your entryway with enhanced functionality and style. At Kensington Glass, we work to meet your specifications and give you the right door system for your business.

  • Consult with you, your contractor, and your architect
  • Customize your door with specialty glass for safety and security
  • Install specialized doors to meet your advanced technical needs

Aluminum Doors Are Not One Size Fits All

As an experienced aluminum door contractor, we understand that your entryway door is personal to your business. Besides a particular look, your door must also meet your unique requirements for durability and function. To deliver and install the aluminum doors that work best for you, we believe it’s important to discuss your operational needs and work with your construction or renovation team to establish the door specifications and design options that work best for you.

  • Code compliant doors and rails for safety and handicap accessibility
  • Narrow, Medium, or Wide Stile doors for aluminum to glass ratio considerations
  • Security-enhanced doors for crash-n-dash prevention
  • Doors with the appropriate thickness and height

Our Commitment to Our Customers

“We work with architects and owners to make sure of what they need…”

Hardware Solutions for Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are a key part of your new or renovated storefront. They are sleek and attractive and allow natural light to brighten your interior. Aluminum doors improve your business entryway with added function and increased protection. To fully implement these benefits, we ensure that your aluminum doors are fitted with the proper hardware. To accomplish this, we work with your architect or contractor and review your door specifications. We do the research and recommend the hardware that best meets all of your needs.

  • Compatible handles, levers, and hinges
  • Durable, secure door locks and panic devices
  • Manual door closers with a proper workload capacity
  • Coordinate with card readers and motion sensors for secure access

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