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At Kensington Glass, we are inspired by the beauty and versatility of glass. The contemporary architectural components we create with glass are particularly exciting when they are virtually free of visible metal trim and hardware. That’s the look we present when we design and construct all glass entries for your commercial Connecticut building. These systems do not have the customary weather protection of a traditional storefront so they are most appropriate when built for interior offices or conference rooms. We include these unique features.

  • Clean, contemporary look
  • Heavy, tempered glass 1/2 inch or more in thickness
  • Minimum amount of aluminum and no visible metal frames
  • Push or pull handles with limited additional hardware

All Glass Entries With Custom Treatments

Traditional all glass entries are a configuration of thick, clear glass walls and doors. This gives your indoor spaces a clean, modern look. If you prefer glass walls with a more decorative appearance, we create them with a choice of custom techniques or treatments.

  • Acid-etched glass for textured, patterned, or translucent surfaces
  • Switchable glass that converts from frosted to clear with the flip of a switch
  • Tinted or color enhanced glass to coordinate with your interior design scheme

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All Glass Entries FAQ

All Glass Entries are beautiful, but what about privacy?

Clear glass walls are a perfect choice for the open access environments of banks and office building conference rooms. When privacy is a consideration, we can construct your all glass entries using design techniques that give walls and doors a translucent or opaque look.


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